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The film wrap sticks to itself offering a better cling, making sure to last throughout all your packing, moving, shipping and storing.

Pull Type Cup Dispenser: Suitable for disposable cup diameter 5 - 7.5cm. Designed with 3 self-adjusting claws, which ensure it can be easily taken out the cups one by one without waste. Securely fits paper or plastic disposable cups.

With a portable design, you can easily lift the box with the handle on the lid, it is very suitable as a tool box for couriers, construction workers, maintenance workers, and this is also a design that children like, perfect for storing their paint and building blocks, crayons, paintbrushes, candy, chocolate, cartoon DVD, story book, children's cosmetics, etc

Keep food fresh: strong suction can eliminate almost all air, and keep food in a vacuum state for longer and maintain freshness,Perfect for saving meat, vegetables, nuts,fruits, cookies, fish and others.

Comfortable hug: squeezing this soft plush toy can relieve stress. The pillow can be used as a nap pillow / hug pillow / office nap pillow / plush toys to meet all your needs.

It is not just another toy box. It is portable, lightweight and smartly designed to be placed between the child’s legs or as a tray on the table which makes playing with small creative toys in the car, train or plane more fun.

WATERPROOF TOILET SEAT COVERS - Upper of the disposable toilet seat cover is made of virgin pulp and blue side made of coated germ-free Polyethylene, safe to shield drops on questionable toilet seats or porta-potties. Saving trouble to wipe, squat or hold bladder in public restrooms.

SELF-ADHESIVE SHOWER HOLDER - With ultra-sticky glue, it's stronger than other normal bathroom brackets, and the non-trace strong glue won't hurt your walls. High-quality ABS+PVC materials provide outstanding durability.

The surface of the cover is compatible with the design of small particle block pad, which can be built directly with blocks. It is a storage box and a game platform. Compatible with major brand.

The bed sheet fastener strap is a genius sheet /cover fastening system which makes your life Easier and more Enjoyable.

Retro unique design style makes it ideal for use in living room, bedrooms, dining tables, coffee tables, kitchens, and Perfect for the family, such as a makeup table, a gift for your friends,fashion decoration on the desk.

Take Your Furry Baby Outdoor for Travel:you can wear the backpack either on your back or in your front,or single-hand carrying,which allows your pets to enjoy the sunshine and scenery with you and interact with the outside world

300 ML large capacity portable blender, quite portable. Personal blender is compact size and 360 ° silicone handle, lift up can carry at any time, down to take up no space.