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What is Dropship?


What is dropship?


Dropship is a type of retail fulfillment method.

By not stocking up inventory for your business, you order from us (Biziborong.com) only when you receive order from your customer.

The orders are then shipped directly to your customers. You deal with your customer; we help in packing and shipping.



What are the benefits do you obtain to be our dropship?

1. Shipping Label

In the shipping label, we use your business entity that you want your customer to know, not ours. It is your customer, not ours. Peace of mind.

2. Service & Supports

If your customer receiving damaged item or having issues in delivery process, you may contact our customer service for support. We are just a chat away, we are a team to work together.

3. Fast Shipping Time

Leave the job of packing and shipping to us. We will do it for you to make sure your order will be shipped in 0.8-1.3days.



How to register as a Dropship with Biziborong?

Step 1:

Chat with us to learn more

   010-456 2389 


Any Questions?

If you are having any issues with your order. please don't hesitate to contact us through

  010-456 2389