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Comfortable hug: squeezing this soft plush toy can relieve stress. The pillow can be used as a nap pillow / hug pillow / office nap pillow / plush toys to meet all your needs.

Specially designed with light and sound system. This train noodle maker play dough set not only has an adorable appearance, but also comes with light and sound system. Bring more fun to your lovely kids.

The cute crab baby bath toy have two ways to play, both in water and on land. Easy to use driven by clockwork. Rotate the handle clockwise and release it into the water. The cute crab can swim in the bathtub, helping your baby enjoy the bath time. Install the traction rope, pull the rope crab can crawl forward with you.

It is not just another toy box. It is portable, lightweight and smartly designed to be placed between the child’s legs or as a tray on the table which makes playing with small creative toys in the car, train or plane more fun.

Choose multiple patterns to increase the difficulty of the puzzle, improve your child's ability of identification, distinguish and cogitation.

Colorful and beautiful appearance can stimulate the brain and thought of kids. Improve baby's visual training, hand-eye coordination, thinking ability.

COMPLETE SET - Includes various food items such as cups and bottle. All parts of this toy set can be stored inside the fridge and contains cardboard to decorate the fridge.

Turn and learn little one: this interactive steering wheel with lights and sounds is a great way to promote hours of imaginative pretend play. Ideal for the long car rides.

Endless Creations: The best thing about this playset is that you can make something and then reshape it and make something totally different. The fun never runs out. Create a meal for breakfast and then return everything to the containers when play time is over. Then break it all out again to use the same plasticine for dessert.

DEVELOPMENT OF INTELLIGENCE: Infants are dealing with the enlightening period of intellectual development, and there is great potential in their brains. This product can exercise their understanding ability, imitation ability, reaction ability, and cognitive ability in a scientific way.

The surface of the cover is compatible with the design of small particle block pad, which can be built directly with blocks. It is a storage box and a game platform. Compatible with major brand.

Soft and Sound Blocks - Super soft blocks and easy to squeeze to make a squeaking sound for toddlers and babies to play. Encourage reaching and grasping, help to attract baby's attention and conducive to the baby's auditory development.

Product has Kaleidoscope function, and the mirror can also be rotated. By rotating the mirror, the child can see different beautiful views through the kaleidoscope mirror. Only a small toy, kids can learn much more magical scenery.